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Espresso Machines


Victoria Arduino Adonis

The first Victoria Arduino espresso machine was created in Italy in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino, who dedicated it to his wife “Victoria.” The Victoria Arduino espresso machine is now a symbol in the history of coffee, Italian customs and culture. Victoria Arduino represents beauty, tradition, quality and excellence. We are pleased to be able to supply Victoria Arduino machines in Australia.

Art, luxury and craftsmanship: these are the features and qualities, which make the Adonis a unique and inimitable machine.

Every detail of the Adonis has been carefully planned and expertly built. The original design of its chrome group heads is a statement of individuality, while the cup warmer and the historic Victoria Arduino symbol on the outer panel are highlighted with the latest, low-energy-use LED technology.

The controls on the Adonis fuse aesthetics with functionality: its unique petal-like push-button panel is positioned to make every gesture made by the operator both simple and intuitive, just as the Steam Power Control system enables the barista to open and close the steam wand with the simple flip of a finger.

Made in Italy
Victoria Arduino products fully express the phrase “made in Italy,” which in the world of fashion, design, decor and cuisine is synonymous with excellence, creativity, passion and innovation. The Adonis meets standards of quality and appearance that equate Italian craftsmanship with being the best in its class.

Exterior Finish
The exterior finish of the Adonis also involves a special process. Each part undergoes a twelve-step painting process to which three phases of hand-polishing are added in order to achieve an optimal chromatic shine.

The technology behind the Adonis results in excellent brewing quality.

In the Exceline version, the built-in computer gives the barista added support:
  • With the Shot Time Function, each brewing cycle can be timed
  • The automatic washing programme saves time, especially at the
    end of a work day
  • The machine’s automatic on-off time setting can save energy

Available in 2 group or 3 group
Colours: Stainless steel, pearl white, Victoria Red.

For more information, please contact us.

Victoria Arduino Adonis

Victoria Arduino Adonis


Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.