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Espresso Machines


Roma TCS

The Roma TCS is Sanremo's flagship machine, incorporating cutting edge technology and functionality. The Roma TCS produces the very highest standard in espresso extraction.

At its heart is SanRemo's innovative TCS system (Temperature Stability Control). This comprises a separate boiler for each group head; enabling each group to be programmed at a specific and stable temperature to obtain optimum and consistent brewing results.

Each group head can be specifically tailored for different blends of coffee. A large boiler dedicated to the production of steam, gives the ability to steam a large amount of milk without affecting the quality of the coffee extraction in any way.

The machine also uses "fresh" water directly from the mains supply (rather than boiler) to make tea or other drinks requiring hot water, optimising quality across the drink spectrum. The subtle application of eye catching machine lighting and colour, accentuate the distinctive lines of the Roma intended to add elegance to any design oriented space.

TCS Features

  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Independent boilers for each group
  • Separate boiler for steam
  • Energy saving standby mode
  • Programmable hot water dosing
  • Auto cleaning cycle
  • Adjustable pre infusion
  • Programmable service and filter settings
  • Copper boiler and pipes
  • Single double-scale pressure gauge
  • Boiler level indicator
  • Manual over ride function



  • Turbo steam
  • External volumetric pump


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Roma TCS


Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.